Never so happy to be so sad

Three years, many teachers, dozens of friends, and countless memories. We moved states for this. To give our kids the Christian education we believed this school system fostered. We lost our real estate investment, we left all of our friends behind.

It has been worth it tenfold.

Our girl reads books, does multiplication (pretty well). She is a leader and a servant (most of the time). She knows Jesus as helper, master, brother, friend (we believe this to be true).

Thankful, as adjectives go, is not even close to describing our gratitude for this experience. Heart-bursting halleluiahs--that's all we've got.

Three years in the Montessori classroom and now on to first grade. I've never been so happy to be so so sad.

First Day - Aug 2011

Final Day - May 2014 - with her teacher Mrs. S.