New recreation: swingset compliments of a sensational Auntie Sha-Sha and Uncle JoeJoe. Clearly this is a gift that keeps on giving. P.S. Loverpants is wearing short pants. I promise. We don't get down like that, even if we do live in the boonies. IMG_5912

New recipe: Spicy Sweet Potato chips (Equal parts olive oil, maple syrup -- drizzle over 2-3 chopped raw sweet potatoes. Powder with cayenne pepper to your liking. Bake at 450 degrees, flip every 10 minutes until chips are dry and crisp)


New weather systems: Tropical Storm Lee knocked out our power for 12 hours. First real rain we've had in TN.


*** Did you know that the most common case for children and adults at the ASH community center in Nairobi is malaria. The cost for treatment? Less than five dollars. Only 10 more days to support ASH campaign. I'm at 27%! I would be SO ECSTATIC to have your support!