One of the best parts about caring for Baby Girl in a full-time capacity, other than the on-call concierge service, the at-home facials, the daily luncheons at the country club, and the strollerderby at the track is that I get to be a part of all the newnesses of her life. I feel grateful that I am often the first eye witness to her new discoveries, and that it is my chief duty to invent new and exciting strategies on How to Deal with a super curious nearly-toddler based on the empirical research I conduct all day every day.

A particular newness for Baby Girl is her recent development of Orange Lust. Peeps and homeys, we cannot even utter the word "orange" in our household or elsewhere in her presence without her charging us guerilla warfar-style, for the love of a sweet and juicy navel orange. We had kept a caseload in her playroom and oftentimes the mere mention of the citrus fruit was enough for her to try to break down the door to the playroom, knowing there was ample supply for the devouring. She now will pause in babbley conversation if she sees a grapefruit sitting around and point with furious insistence "AHNG? AHNG?" She also tries to cart oranges around like a new snuggley little lovey, and seeing her attempt to scale baby-proof fences with the orange tucked under one armpit is comedy gold. Or comedy orange, as it were.

Other newnesses in the Loverpants house include a new grown-up couch (farewell, dormy futon!) which is as plush as it is comfortable. We are really giving thanks to God that we could make such a purchase, and thanks to the recession for making it so affordable. Y'all come over and pop a squat, will ya?


For the love of the orange



Awesome new doggie book from Auntie TP. Which we read eleventy times/day.

doggie book

Fabulous new ride-on that Daddy and Madi picked out after demo-ing all the obnoxious musical toys at Tarjay. They managed to pick the most obnoxious. Yipee-rah!


In between my manis and pedis, I build obstacle courses for Baby Girl.

obstacle course

No longer for sale: the couch or Baby Girl

new couch

baby girl modeling new couch