Not in the mood

Things I am not in the mood for lately:

- Blogging cheerfully; I am full of snark.
- Plucking my eyebrows; it has been weeks.
- Parallel parking; I hold out for the space that can fit several army tankers to open up so I don't have to maneuver into spots that monkeys can't negotiate.
- Watching YouTube videos; I am really never in the mood to watch poorly filmed videos about the latest dance craze to "Soulja Boy" produced by people with too much time on their hands but it is part of nightly show-and-share with Lovey Loverpants so I concede. (Watch me eat my words in a few days time when the Two Monther video of Baby Girl is posted).

- Reading about the election; it all seems rather regurgitated right now, no?
- Getting hysterical about the recession; every day people live in abject poverty, die of AIDS, suffer injustice and if anything is worth getting hysterical about, it is not the price of gas spiking such that I cannot fill up my SUV.
- Eating lunch that is not wrapped in cellophane; ahh, another granola bar it is!
- Having the volume up high; my daughter could go live in Guster's bongo set and still sleep like a baby and meanwhile there is muzak playing in the mall and it is splitting my skull in two.
- Not having marshmallows in my hot chocolate; when I look up "complete" in the dictionary, this is what I see:

hot cocoa