On Observing My 100 Days

So it wasn't officially my 100th day of life, it was actually my 107th, but who's counting really? The point of it is to celebrate the fact that I've survived 100 days of life, as was difficult for Koreans back in the day. That's why I got all dolled up in the Big White Poof. And also because I was going to have my baby dedication at church on Saturday.

My mom must have said "Ruffle Butt" 22 times before we left the house for church.

My dad shaved and he smelled good.

The service was in Korean. They didn't have a headset small enough for me to listen to the translation, so I just made lovey eyes at the guy behind me.

Just before it was time to go up and get dedicated, my mom milk bombed me and I conked out. What the?

Afterwards, I had some time to think deeply about what it all meant. Turning 100 days, getting dedicated...it was a lot of milestones at once.

People were making cracks about how I had a boyfriend. I just tried to look distracted and non-plussed.

They chefed up some steamed rice cakes. It's kind of a tease. It's not like I can eat any of it.

That night, I dreamt about all the steamed rice cakes I'm going to eat some day.