On Vacationing with Baby Girl

We have returned from our tour with the ROCKSTAR, aka Baby Girl in which Lovey Loverpants and I were total roadies, seamstresses for the band, if you will, and that little dahlin' gave many an encore performance wherever she went. The tour covered:

4 states 3 sets of grandparents 1 college reunion 1 wedding Many new friends

Because life is ironic and too poignant for words, the part of the week I was dreading most actually reserves its spot as Most Treasured Memory from our first family vacation. I hadn't seen my Nana in 3 years, largely because I am the queen of [chicken]hearts. The last time I saw her, she was lucid and hilarious and just meeting my fiance, Lovey Loverpants, for the first time. After that, quite rapidly, her ninety-two year-old memory started to evaporate. I was scared. I let everyone else visit her. I stood cowardly in the shadows, preserving my memories of her forever, circa 2005.

She now lives with my Uncle Drive-by. (We call him Drive-by because of some very medieval events that merited it). Nana is so happy with Drive-by. She has dementia and she has happiness at the same time. Thus, introducing her to Baby Girl was bittersweet. She was so touched to lay eyes on this sanguine little doll. She had no idea it was her first great grandchild. It gave me so much pride and joy to share this blessing with my grandmother. I called her Nana and she didn't ask why.


Nana, Baby Girl, C'est Moi

Nana, Uncle Drive-by, Lovey Loverpants with Baby Girl