Jingle Bells!Something smells! Toddler barfing all the way!

Hey! And happy holidays, loveys. Were yours as festive and positively overblown as were ours? We drove through the night from Beantown to Motown, awe yeah, all fourteen hours to Detroit about 10 days ago. Saw Lovey's family. Then headed to Cleveland to see my homeslices. Then we continued the marathon theme of pushing all reasonable limits on carb-loading and shopping and napping and playing the "Little People's" Christmas album until we made ourselves sick with it all. And then we drove back last night. Baby Girl basically marked the passing of every state line with a memorial vomit. Poor kid was upchucking her way back home, and while you are busy composing your comment on this blog about What Kind of Parent persists in driving home while her kid is ralphing all over the back seat -- let it be known. We would have stopped at a hotel room and made her do a kegstand of Pedialyte, but then none of us would have slept and we would be none the closer to home. Whereas by 6 a.m. we were snug in our barf-laden pajamas all nestled in our beds, visions of sugarplums dancing in our heads. HURRAH!

It's clear, though, that Baby Girl's projectile pukes were a sign that we had all royally overdone it this year. The visits, the cookies, the presents, the planning of my 15 year grade school reunion? Yeah, it's totally what the midwife ordered for a 5 month preggo mcbeggo with a toddler. Highly advisable.

So the only resolution Lovey Loverpants and I can devise is one of the following: 1.) Relocate to Somewhere Closer to Family 2.) Relocate Our Family Closer to Us 3.) Forget Our Family; they are a costly, geographically undesirable lot. Stay tuned for more in 2010 as to which course of action the Loverpants decides...

And in the meantime, enjoy the sights and sounds of Holidaze 2009!

Baby Girl having an awesome time with her granny at Java Jungle

IMG_3906 About to clear the little ginger kid who was smart enough to stand at the end of the turbo-slide: IMG_3904

The gift box that smacks of clothing within: To open or not to open.... IMG_3953 My auntie MJ and I admire the festive banquet table set by my gifted stepmum IMG_3957 Grade School Reunion. Yes, my nametag does say: "Hello, my name is: Most Likely to Become a Supermodel" IMG_3966