Pageturner for Every Parent (teedleehee!)

My friend Althea sent me a package full of things I accidentally left at her home, along with some gratuitous stickers to cover every surface of my new home. Because Althea? Is a true friend. And friends don't let friends live without every surface of their microwave covered in Hello Kitty. Included with the lovemail contents was also this treasured tome.


Fanclub, I think you know you can rely on me for sound literary counsel. And I think we all agree that I am bar none The Doyenne of parenting advice. Now wrap that all up in some seaweed and cover it in wasabi and soy sauce and what do you have? Parenting Manual Sushi is what.

I can't tell you what a TOTAL GAMECHANGER this book has been for me. How to Raise Children at Home in Your Spare Time has changed EVERYTHING for me. I mean, here I was, all this time, nearly four years of thinking that parenthood was something of a vocation, a breaking down of self to honor something greater than oneself, training up to little souls.

But I was so wrong.

As this book points out, parenting is merely a hobby! You can do it at home in your spare time WHILE YOU ARE ORDERING THE NEW RACHAEL RAY WAXLESS CANDLES FROM QVC!

Again, this book is sparing me the stress of having to occupy my ankle-biters because, 'scuse me, little trolls, trying to grout some tile here!

Seriously, this book has opened up a whole new avenue of choices for me. The book recommends that you wean yourself off of parenting books. The author did not mention anything about irony, but this was a 1966 edition, so it's possible that it is missing some pages, too, I'm sure?

I am absolutely keeping this book in my bathroom. It's not fair of me to tease you like this. So come on over, borrow the porcelain and drink the Kool-Aid of premier pediatrics.


This is one of my fave pix I've snapped. It is entitled, "Daylight Savings." Look at Loverpants.


And here are some catch-up shots from Halloween at the Chattanooga Market





Our mate Kate




This apple spice crepe was reedonk.


My smart boy found himself on the wrong side of the dog park fence. Wearing a bear suit.