Paging Pee Wee Lee...

We're waiting for you, little one. This is not a desperate plea - just a warm entreaty for you to come and join us.

You've been a twinkle in our eye for so long now. We've watched your roundhouse kicks and felt your violent hiccups. Now, we can see you mooning us as your wee little rump roves back and forth along the top hemisphere of Mama's belly.

We've got the names picked out, our CPR skills polished, and every night we tell you how much we love you and how excited we are to take care of you.

We also have very, very bad singing voices as you've noticed and we suspect this may indeed be the reason for your delayed entrance.

But I also wanted to show you that we've prepared in other ways for you, too.

So, first, here's 'da crib:

Some feathered friends:

If you're a girl, you'll appreciate this closet...


full of clothes!

Speaking of drawers, we've got some clean ones for ya:

cloth diapers

Even Mr. Frogman is eager for your arrival, and for your first bathtime.
mr. frogman

I even like Funfetti, don't you?

Well, whatever your plans may be, we'll leave the light on for ya....