Peace and Panda Feet

I found something very valuable, maybe even priceless while I was in Michigan last month. I had lost it by the time I arrived at Logan airport, dizzied by the wicked whir of Boston, stifled by the summer smog. But I've been looking for it still. Around my house, in sunny patches of warmth on our patio.

You see, I really felt the peace of God when I was in Michigan. I can remember when I felt that feeling. I was upstairs sitting in my husband's boyhood bedroom and holding a sleeping wee one. And I really felt God touching my heart and giving me such peace and contentment.

Of course I lost that feeling. And I didn't lose it between the cushions of the couch, no, I can't just Swiffer out the dust bunnies under the bed and lo, "Oh, there you are God! I was looking all o--"

This morning I was stricken with a pain in my right hip, pain that has been chronic since my pregnancy. I got up just before dawn and did some yoga. And then just moments before the wee one cockadoodled, I paused and prayed on the rainbow rug, and I felt that presence of God once more. I was reminded, there, surrounded by Fisher Price-a-palooza, that God was there, in the midst of my responsibilities caked in rice cereal. I just wasn't listening for Him hard enough, the din of my distress had been so deafening.

Incline thine ear, and hear the words of the wise, And apply thy heart unto my knowledge. - Prov. 22: 17


Oh, look what else I found...


Please don't feed the pandas. panda feets

Try not to crush them either....

bout to be bulldozed