Do you ever wish your pahdenah was more like you? When we were first married, you know, way back in the prehistoric era of 2.5 years ago, I kept waiting for Lovey Loverpants to morph into my he-bot. I really struggled with how patently different we were. His life's soundtrack was a hip-hop deejay's scattered, creative medley. Mine was a predictable symphony. He would get so annoyed that I could never just stay up late, just will myself to watch all of SNL, and I would get so irked that he could not respect the beauty of my circadian rhythm. Oosh.

But now, I acknowledge our differences, and I am learning to celebrate them. It helps that we share a dependent, otherwise known as The Cheeks That Could Launch a Thousand Ships, who requires that we work as a team with varied strengths. And the more I appreciate our differences, the more I realize what a wealth of varied good Baby Girl will be able to draw from as she grows.

Here is an itemization of Lovey Loverpants v. moi.

Lovey Loverpants Likes That Don't Apply To Me:

- Checking newsfeeds ad infinitum - Watching youtube coolness ad infinitum - Extreme sports, and the spectating thereof - Full body lay-outs in ultimate frisbee - Gear of any kind - Liberal Politics - Dousing everything with Tobasco sauce - Movies with Cars as the Major Focus - Eating the unrecommended amount of candy, e.g. the whole bag - Asking questions just to get your goat

My Likes That Don't Apply To Lovey Loverpants:

- Cheesy songs, of the John Denver variety - Chocolate in its richest form - Being an artist of BS - Not multi-tasking - Seeing where the road takes me - Quick showers - Hot-as-Bombay heat - Nostalgia Likes we share...too many to count, but namely cupcakes, particularly this one:


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