Pending fatherhood helps find country boy within

8 months ago

Lovey Loverpants: "I have to make sure my songs are filed under my own playlist on the mp3 player, or else I'm listening to your songs. And you can't sprint to Carrie Underwood."

1 month ago:

Lovey Loverpants: "Have you listened to this Carrie Underwood song? It's a really good song. Let me play it for you..."

Mr. Loverpants cues mp3 of "All American-Girl.":: First rendering of chorus produces intensely focused face, neck bobbing, mouth attempting to lip-sync:

    'Now he's wrapped around her finger/she's the center of his whole world/and his heart belongs to that sweet little/beautiful/wonderful/perfect/All-American Girl'

Lovey Loverpants: "Carrie Underwood really is good."