Monumental things that have happened recently of which I do not have photographic proof:- 18 hours in Meadville, PA. Cold enough to freeze the freckles off your face. Warm-hearted friends Jamie, Ashleigh, Austin reminded it was worth the little junket to the coldest town in N. America. Although I do hear parts of Saskatchewan are quite cold, too. - Baby Girl getting her first haircut in the bathtub. Lovey Loverpants not noticing. Me telling Loverpants about the shorn locks. Loverpants asking me if I saved a lock as a souvenir. Me looking at him like, For whom do you mistake me? One of those sentimental savers of shriveled umbilical cords in scrapbooks? Gross. - The look of incredulity one of my students gave me when I told him it was time to begin class and that it was insulting that he was trying to carry on a cellular phone convo. I think it was the first time he received this memo. - Breakfast with my former roommates, two of us pregnant, one with punk rock awesome hair, all so excited to be sharing Boston as a common address once more.


I do have some pictures unrelated, however.

Our snowman menagerie, por ejemplo: snowmen

My awesome new commuter mits: juggler gloves

Chicken n' Waffles. Don't hate, congratulate.


And a pottytrainer:

madi 002