Power to Read

The note we received on the nightly read-along book for Ms. Thang. power to read

We are so proud of her progress with literacy, and so thankful for her wonderful teachers.


Speaking of reading, I finally managed to finish reading my first book of the year. The first that did not include the character of Adobe Creative Suite CS5 OR Fancy Nancy OR Sam I Am. A groundbreaking feat for me.

twice upon a time

Twice Upon a Time is the true story of the Christian conversion of two straight-edge punk rockers whose lives are unknowingly entwined in a number of marvelous ways. I had been wanting to read this book as Pastor Asscherick's preaching has had a profound effect on my own conversion. I knew much of the Cliff's Notes of the story, but little details that each man remembers about their childhoods (e.g. their grandparents' homes, the first time they saw a grown man cry) add to the robustness of the retelling.

The writing throughout the book is consistently beautiful, and the way the story is organized is engaging, even if you have no investment or knowledge of Asscherick or Renner. I would have liked for a little bit more first-person narrative. The third person works but it is hard to really get to know the characters from the jump. By the end, one has a well-rounded understanding of the men's characters but it was an uphill climb. Haha, you will understand that shameless pun if you read the book :)