Precautions and the Irony Thereof

Loverpants was denied a life insurance policy recently, which came as a total shocker. My triathlete hubby got the big nay from the life insurers! The? Turns out his liver enzymes were about ten times what they should have been. The nurses quizzed him. Drink alcohol? Neg. Smoke? Neg. Neg. Herbals? Naw.

Then his wife, keen little ginger that she is, said, You know you do drink a lot of green tea.

Turns out the fella was overbrewing it like something fierce, effectively overdosing on green tea herbals. Liver just couldn't take it!

What should we call this story?

How Lovey Loverpants Almost Gave Himself Liver Failure by Way of Green Tea.

How Lovey Loverpants almost Killed Himself, as Discovered in Applying for a Life Insurance Policy.

The Day Lovey Loverpants Went on Detox from Green Tea, which in Itself is an Agent of Detox.

I suppose I'm just happy we figured it out and that my loverman and all of his organs remain intact.


Nana Red visited this past weekend with the express purpose of watching Baby Girl while her parents attended their first wedding sans baby. It was delightful to have Nana stay with us and go to craft shows with us (on the right day) and have a picnic and clean our skanky sink full of dishes. Baby Girl was good as gold. ::Raises the Roof::


puffy heart nana