Preponderances that could occupy a full post if I were more focused and less consumed by thoughts of goat cheese...

Preponderance #1 - I am enjoying pregnancy, except for when I fill three full barf bags on the airplane, and when I pass the Chevre or the sushi with salmon bits at Whole Paycheck and sigh as I hear the faint echoes of YUM emanating from the ghost of my Pre-Preg Life.

Preponderance #2 - I'm still considering what the best course of action is when you arrive at the Whole Paycheck register, and discover that you are not only sans sushi and goat cheese, but also sans wallet. My course of action today was to apologize without offering to put the groceries away, and run out of the store like a woman who is going to be sick, or who has just gotten the call from her agent that she is going to be on Hollywood Squares and there was just no time to think about food at all because Hollywood Squares!! OMG!! I'm going to sit in a Brady Bunch cube and make quips that will totally date me!! Somehow I do not think that is the right course of action.

Preponderance #3 - I was walking in the neighborhood of my girlhood this past weekend. All of the homes of my friends growing up are now occupied by wiffle ball bat-toting tots. So this is what it feels like to have your own "Wonder Years" narrative running in your head. I remember the Mitchell's and the Johnson's and the Guilford's homes. I remember what photos aligned the walls of their staircases. I remember whose house had the best junk food. I remember that neighborhood and in my mind's eye, those people, those pictures, those Ding Dongs will never change....

Preponderance #4 - Thich Nhat Nanh has a lot of sage advice for married people, considering he has been a (celibate) Buddhist monk refugee person who probably did not have much time to undergo marriage counseling just for the heck of it.

Preponderance #5 - Why do they not make maternity clothes in petite sizes. Has there never been a woman who got all up in a family way whose legs and arms did not grow like an aspect ratio with her stomach?

Preponderance #6 - Is it possible that I'll be able to visit Iran someday, even with a US Passport?

Preponderance #7 - How can I expect myself to contribute more positively to the universe if I cannot even remember to use a coupon?