Resolution: Priorities

Someone mentioned New Year's Resolutions and my anxiety started whirring roadrunner-like and I couldn't remember what year was ending and which was beginning and day-yannng shouldn't I have some goals? You need goals to have resolutions, yes? Resolutions are heavy tools, especially if you are not someone who regularly uses them, e.g. measuring sticks and other instruments of precision. If you prefer to eyeball it, to just pull that slingshot back as far as you can muster and hope your little ambition soars and lands you in relatively the right spot, then resolutions are mighty intimidating.

But lo, I remembered how my old man said that resolutions should be reaffirmations of our priorities.

Bladowwww! There ya go.

Herein I reaffirm my priorities, as I enter 2012.

1. I reaffirm my love for God's word, and my desire to specifically understand Scripture's counsel for teachers.

2. I reaffirm my love for these beauts. vikings


3. I reaffirm my priorities of bill repayment, including and especially my student loans.

4. I reaffirm my desire to say good-bye to our Boston real estate, for once and for all, if the Lord would ordain it.

5. I reaffirm my desire to have my non-fiction manuscript represented by a lit agent by Summer 2012.

Other desires include fitting back into particular pants and attending a writer's conference this summer.

Dudes, I'm excited for the '12. You?