What has changed since the Sousa family last visited us:- We no longer live in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts - We have 1 more kid - They have 2 more kids - We no longer have a green Honda CR-V - They now drive a Honda, a mini-van kind of Honda - We are all more seasoned - Jose has new accessories


What hasn't changed since the Sousa family last visited us: - They are still the most lovely family and friends with whom we love to break bread - Jose is still speaking Portuguese to his kids - Maria is still teaching me how to jive with the working-outside-the-home parent rhythm - Their kids are still gorgeous - Jose and I still wax poetic about our abiding love of our respective Dairy Queen jobs in high school - We still give thanks for my wonderful bestie Lozz who first introduced me to Jose when he was her college RA!

THEN: OCTOBER 2008 playground

TODAY: APRIL 2013 Easter