Review: It Sucked and Then I Cried

I've been a fan of dooce for a long time, and the irony is, I probably became a fan around the time that she began gathering fodder for her book which I am giving a semi-mediocre rating herein. You see, I guess the fault was all mine. In buying her book, I thought it would just be more of the Heather that we love, telling a story that we all know. That crazed yet eloquent recovering Mormon out in Utah land going all hyperbolic about childbirth and post-partum with a few other anecdotes thrown in to make me feel as though we are BFFs and I'm (by reading her book) the only one to whom she's intimating these things.

But what I got was a story that I more or less already knew, with a somewhat diluted version of early motherhood that did make me laugh but more made me a little bit unimpressed. And the truth is that I am often impressed by Heather's writing and her original insights. I just found the voice here a bit unlikable, a lot full of vitriol (and not even in a funny way, kind of in the way that sometimes Rush Limbaugh and the QVC salespeople are scary). There were parts that I was full-on LOLing, but having been through my own pregnancy and birth and post-partum funk, I found the tone of the book super whiney at times, with very little perspective and sometimes the humor was just, as Boston youth are wont to say, "fawcin' it."

So my final words on this book review are Should Have Waited for Paperback. Anyone want to buy my hardcover?