Review: "The Last Kiss"

I took "Reviewing the Arts" last semester with Professor McDreamy, so I know that a review of the arts does not have to include a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down, or even a thumbs-to-the-side for that matter.

A good review, rather, teaches you something that you didn't know before you read the review. That's it. It doesn't even have to give you a plot summary, or even include a lot of dropped names of indie directors. It just has to say something unique and original about a particular work of art.

It can even be about modern morality, like this one will be, as demonstrated by "The Last Kiss" with your favorite modern man-boy, Zach Braff.


What is this? Reviewing the Arts class?

Naw naw naw.

All I want to say is "The Last Kiss" is a well-done movie. I'm still thinking about it. It presents the battle of the sexes in sometimes subtle, sometimes more amplified moments, and it does it well. It makes its theme very pronounced -- YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE. YOU CAN ALWAYS CHOOSE WHO WILL BE YOUR LAST BRUNETTE, YOUR LAST KISS. YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE IN HOW YOU TREAT THE ONES YOU LOVE. YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE -- but it doesn't parade it across the sky in big caps like I just typed, like I am some kind of blimp advertiser over Fenway Park.

Rachel Bilson has some terrific movie-stah moments, even if the fumbling of her hands is still Summer Roberts all over. Jacinda Barrett of 'Real World' fame is brilliant, even if her Australian accent betrays her as a daughter of American parents. Zach Braff? I have to tell you. He's just not my favorite man-boy. I like him in 'Scrubs,' but I just don't find his boyish ways giving into manly ways. He's a wimp. He has a big nose and his lips are red like a woman's. Also? His hair is poofy. Those are the things that I see when I see Zach Braff.

One of the best lines in this movie is when Casey Affleck asks incredulously why Zach Braff would do his girlfriend wrong. "I mean...she's like a GUY!"

Maybe you had to be there. Or maybe you were already. What were your last thoughts on "Last Kiss"?