Review: The Pack Sack #playPackSack

The worst kind of reviews are the ones that make products sound like they are going to revolutionize your life and let you retire now, while also giving you a side of lunchtime liposuction and, if you act now, they'll even throw in a free cookie cutter shaped like a moose. This review of the PackSack will not make hollow promises like that. I will just offer you the facts.

Fact the first being that my wonderful student Ashley is interning for the PackSack in California and she asked me, in exchange for a free Pack Sack, if I wouldn't share my thoughts on it.

Happily, I will, Ashley!

Being that I am the mother of two active kids, I am a fan of products that are both affordable, especially since I lose things fail to remember my possessions everywhere and end up replacing many of them. So first of all, the PackSack retails for $3.99 or 3 for $10.99. Won't break the bank, players.


The PackSack will carry up to 45 lbs. which, in case you were wondering, is probably the heaviest grocery bag you are going to be hauling anyway, or the heaviest 4 y.o. you are going to be--I mean. The sack should not be used to transport toddlers. It is made of polyester so, much like your dad's leisure suit from 1972, you will not be able to destroy it, ever.


Another merit of the PackSack is that it has this handy drawstring closure device. I am sure there is a more technical name for it, but you can go ahead and stuff that in your PackSack. I can see my kids being able to wad up their wet swimsuits in the bag and drawstring shut it so it won't get our car all damp on the way home from the pool, versus tucking their soggy swimwear into their towels which they will allow to unravel 232849038423 times before we get from the pool locker room to the car. In this way, I am playing the #playPackSack game for the month of June, which you can learn more about here.


You can also read all about Lauren Cannon, the woman entrepreneur (womanpreneur, to be sure) whose idea for the bag came whilst surfing. Gnarly. Lauren, Ashley and their team want to eliminate the use of plastic bags. A noble mission and one that I support when I do not forget or lose my PackSack. PackSacks, plural, since for $4 a pop, I can afford to buy more. Yay, PackSack.

If you would like to purchase a PackSack, you can order through the site or check out the retail partners. Or, if you'd like to review one on your blog, get in touch with the PackSack Posse!