Sans bebe

Things I would be doing with this mild and overcast Sunday had I not a child and a husband who worked weekends: 1.) Showering on a schedule not dictated by anyone's naptime 2.) Reading the Sunday Magazine in its entirety 3.) Watching something vintage or indie at the Brattle Theatre 4.) Surfing etsy for something I shan't regretsy 5.) Yoga, with poses not compromised by a chimpanzee trying to trapeze off my downfacing dog 6.) Calling many people; even my old man curtailed our convo this week as Baby Girl was being so loud 7.) Painting my nails and not worrying about blighting Baby Girl's brain with the fumes 8.) Not having a picnic of goldfish crackers and smoothies on my living room floor 9.) Not pretending to "sneak/sneak around/sneak around together" thrice to the Music Together CD 10.) Not reading the same books ad nauseum 11.) Not giving an M&M to the little lady who successfully tinkled on the throne 12.) Not having much fun at all, and mostly feeling lonely and unhugged :)


I bought a new rolly backpack suitcase this week from the Bean. Multi-purpose for sure.


rosy nosey