Spanx Slogans that landed on the Cutting Room Floor

Sometimes I think I should work in advertising. Then I remember. This is what I come up with....

Spanx Slogans that landed on the Cutting Room Floor:

1. Spanx: We pack your fanny in, but we’re not a fanny pack!

2. Spanx: Shapewear, you can’t escape a pair!

Girdle Ad circa 1950s

3. Spanx: We put the “ow” into power brief!

4. Spanx: RIP belted leotard, Jane Fonda workout VHS, 1982-1984

Jane Fonda workout photo

5. Spanx: You never get a second chance to make a first compression

6. Spanx: Because Kate Middleton is a princess and I (sigh) am not

century kiss of kate middleton and william

7. Spanx: Anyone who says she wears them to the gym is a liar liar yoga pants-on-fire!

8. Spanx: Wait, do tight ends play offense or defense?

the 1960s-ad for girdles

9. Spanx: Because Betty White can’t have all the fun!

10. Spanx: The only difference between you and a mannequin is that you're going to have to tinkle!