Spring Break 2013, as told by Baby Girl and Little Man

So for spring break, which is a really fun time where we can stay in our pajamas for hours in the morning, our mom said we had to get out of Daddy's hair so he could get better. So we drove and drove and drove to Savannah where Auntie Ashley lives. But on the way to Savannah? We stopped at a museum. With trains!

And Mommy took our picture outside of it but Tatum was trying to run inside the museum to see the trains.


And inside the museum, you just pressed this button and then the choo choo train came and there was a man with a rainbow sweater also looking at the train. IMG_0843IMG_0842IMG_0840

The big train inside was pretty cool. IMG_0848

The train table in the kids' room was pretty cool, also. IMG_0851

I liked dressing up in prairie clothes. IMG_0853

We got to climb on the real caboose. IMG_0854

Then we got to Auntie Ashley's house and we bounced on the air mattress and played with her dog Zeke while Mommy and Auntie Ashley laughed and cooked in the kitchen. IMG_0858

The next day we got to ride the Trolley. A man got on the Trolley whose name was Forrest. Even though Mommy said we shouldn't talk to strangers or take candy from them, Mommy said it was okay to talk to Forrest and take a chocolate from his box. IMG_0859



We went to a park that had an awesome playground. Mommy and Auntie Ashley were all excited about the fountains and the flowers but we were mostly excited about the playgrounds. IMG_0867





We went to an ice cream place called Leopold's. IMG_0880

There was a jukebox there. We put a coin in and did the Hokey Pokey. Well, mostly Mommy did the hokey pokey and we were embarrassed for her. IMG_0881

While we were waiting for the trolley to come pick us up again, we looked up at somebody's balcony and we saw this. IMG_0885

The Jepson Center is super cool and you can find these flowers made out of all recyclable materials. IMG_0887



Mommy said she has been friends with Auntie Ashley for 400 years and that is a very long time. IMG_0892 IMG_0893

On the way home, we went to the Varsity and we got a Frosted Orange, as well as got these hats. IMG_0897

Three cheers for Spring Break!