Stroller People

I know you were all waiting for the post about my position on whether or not Chavez is good for South/North American economic policy. But that one will have to wait. Because today's post is about strollers.

We've devoted many hours of late to stroller research. Online research. In-store research. We've read the profiles. We've assembled and reassembled the store models.

Lovey Loverpants has scoured the messageboards about the hippest in stroller equipment. Since he is a male conducting consumer product research into something that has wheels, he recognizes that our stroller is a pure reflection of Who We Are As People and may even say something about our characters and our longevity and whether or not we have good oral hygiene. My husband has actually filled out online questionnaires that conveniently match you with the right stroller according to your lifestyle needs. Isn't that auspicious of a stroller store to do that? And what do you know? They matched us with the most expensive stroller in the aisle! Yipee-rah!

Last night, we purchased the Graco Snap n' Go which all of the new moms on the messageboards have been raving about as convenient, affordable, and light, which are the holy trinity of stroller qualifiers for yours truly. It's pretty minimalist. You just snap the infant car seat into the strolling part and abracadabrapeanutbuttersandwich! Stroll! We bought it cheap from a non-shady lady via craigslist.


As I tried out the new stroller apparatus in the parking lot of the craigslist lady's apartment, I started to quake.

People? I was pushing a stroller. Nevermind the fact that there was no little Pillsbury dough boy/girl swaddled in a snugrider to look back at me and assure me that I was someone's mother and therefore someone's stroller pusher. I was pushing a stroller and it was VERY UNCOMFORTABLE. It was slow. It was so slow, it was geriatric. I just couldn't see myself enjoying the leisurely pace of strolling up and down the streets of the finest ghetto with my hot roddin' Graco Snap n' Go. And mind you, I've pushed many a stroller in my day of being a big sis and big cousin and big babysitter but suddenly, I have realized, I am not all about being a stroller mom.

I might have to papoose it, peeps.

Aren't you so glad you read this post on stroller research so that I could conclude that I'm more of a papoose artist? I thought so.