The last two weekends have been sugar covered, and then dipped in another layer of sugar which was then blanched in sugar. My lands, the sweetness that was overflowing... Last weekend the wee ones attended four Easter Egg hunts which is three more apiece than any child needs to attend/year. There are many secret benefits to living in an insular Christian community and these secret benefits live in the form of a marshmallow Peep tucked covertly inside a pink plastic egg. Ho ho, and there were many of them.

Photographic evidence:







One particular egg hunt was sponsored exclusively by our landlords for our children and was followed by a tractor ride around the property.

Tennesseein' is Tennebelievin,' y'all.



*** This past weekend has been equally sweet and marvelous. On sabbath, I got to hear some of my talented students sing in a Gospel Choir. I know there is a large-lunged Gospel singer inside of me trying to beat her way out, but until she breaks through, I am going to leave the work to my students. They are amazing.

Today we got to go to an Elmo Birthday party hosted by a Salvadorean mama and a Dominican papa. Can we agree that Latinos throw the best parties? I think that vote was unanimous. In Heaven, I want my neighbors to be Latinos. Or! Maybe in Heaven I will BE a Latino Gospel singer/party planner. Put that in your cereal box and call it a prize.

But prior to the party, we had our own little shindibble here at the headquarters. It was really an excuse to clean our house, let's be honest, that happens about quarterly. But some of my faves came over.

Photographic evidence:





I made Meyer Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with Mascerated Strawberry Coulis. I am going to be forthcoming here and confess that I didn't use Meyer Lemons. I used your boring ol' standard lemon and mixed in the juice from mandarin oranges. Bladow! Done. And I used half whole wheat flour. But the ricotta adds such a nice consistency to this pancake. I'd say it was worth it to circumscribe Aunt Jemima on this one. 'Scuse me, Auntie J. Gonna go a different route this time.


I also made Key Lime Creme Brulee.


I used the blond Oreos for the crust. Probably overly sweet. But as we have established already, I am not a Gospel singer, a Latino party planner, nor am I a French afficionado of subtle sweets. I am an over-sugared American woman that bakes accordingly. And I now own a torch. Beware.

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