T or F

Little Man is the official spokesperson of bobbleheaded Sesame Street character slippers. True or False? IMG_6338

My brother Mikie came and visited me for the first time since 2004. True or False?


My old man and my stepmum slipped in some Ulysses; Little Man kept waiting for the part about Lightning McQueen. True or False?


The boy in this picture is looking for his real parents because the screwballs that run this joint keep putting Elmo taxidermy on his feet. True or False?


We went to go fetch our fake Charlie Brown tree from the box that was moved from our home in Boston and in it we found the tree. And then we found some random femur bone. Appeared to be gnawed on. True or False?


My old man is the funniest fellow with whom to decorate a Charlie Brown tree. True or True?


Please submit your answers along with a dozen Christmas cookies to the holiday pop quiz subcommittee. Thank you for playing.