I'm no exception to the joke about stir-crazy stay-at-home mothers, and how we jump at every freebie, civic event, or stroller derby, for fear that the walls of our homes might go all Charlotte Perkins Gilman on us and render us permanent loons. I love my new life as a mother for so many reasons, but sometimes the wide open matrix of my week with each box filled with APPOINTMENT WITH BABY GIRL can be a little intimidating. So I try to change up the venue as much as possible. Getting out of the house can take some premeditation when you're limited in cash moneys and toting the suck monkey herself, but I am starting to not be a pathetic milk-stained mess about it get better at it. Recently, we were invited to do some Yelpin' at a hat boutique. It was a true bou-treat with my little cupcake: salmagundi

"My mom flashes her badge all We're not worthy...she was so dating herself...."


"It said BYOB.  I thought that meant Bring Your Own Baby." byob

"Blah Blah Blah, Mom loves to tell the birth story over and over again blippity blah blippity blah...."

blah All photos courtesy of Boston Yelp.