Um, Mama?Mama's sleeping right now. Um, Dada? Yes? Which fairy from Fairytopia do you want to be? Um, how about... I'm going to be Illumina. Oh, Luna, huh? No, Daddy, ILLuMINa. Oh. I see. Yeah, so which fairy are you going to be? Oh, I'm going to be Tank. What, Daddy? Tink? No, we're not talking about Tinkerbell, we're talking about Barbie Fairytopia. Well, I'm still gonna be Tank. Tank? Yes, Tank. My fairy name is going to be Tank. Um, Daddy, why don't you just be the brownish-orangeish fairy. All right.

*** Purchased from total hipster Collective Clothing store in St. Elmo's. When every picture you draw is a hologrammic unicorn montage, a bag like this is made for you: a unicorn girl on the go.