Team Pigtails

It's no lie that I dreaded having a girl. The prospect of introducing a sweet pink pea to a world full of thongs and Chris Brown and sexting still horrifies me. And I am living it, albeit a bit buffered in my play pen where the worst hazards are posed by the blue dryer balls that litter our floor compelling Baby Girl to trip over them while she attempts to walk drunk-like in step sets of 5 and 6 (!!!). So I am realizing slowly that Having a Girl doesn't happen all at once. Introducing her to the barrage of misogyny and mistrust is not a one-time meet and greet. And yet, I remember seeing Loverpants's face melting right off of his head as he beheld that robust and writhing little turkey being pulled out of me. I remember finally hearing "You had a girl" and thinking, "Dear Lord, thank you. What a great idea to give us a girl." All those feelings of rightness surged in me at once.

Those feelings have revisited me time and again. This past weekend was once such occasion when Baby Girl joined the esteemed ranks of Team Pigtails.