Ten for Tuesday

1.) My sister TP visited for a long weekend.2.) She brought us "Follow That Bird" on DVD. 3.) I have cried three times already listening to "One Little Star" on "Follow That Bird." 4.) We took a trip to the Berkshires, for my Uncle Chip's wedding reception, after he wed his lady partner of 23 years. 5.) A reception under a tent in a big back yard with your dad and all of his croneys mock-Irish step-dancing? 6.) That is a lot of fun. 7.) Baby Girl was sick for the early part of the weekend, though. 8.) Once her fever broke, she just had diarrhea. 9.) She so finds the sensation of sitting in diarrhea diaper upsetting that she points to her diaper and says, "Open it!" 10.) I am trying not to end this list with talk of poop, so let me just wish you all a super happy Independence Day if you are a Yankee Doodle Dandy!


It's our doll, Liberty Bell!

Here gathered are my stepmama, moi, and TP, making fun of my sister who always bends over in group pictures. Hi TP. <3 YOU.

IMG_3384 Here we are with the old man...