The godchild

So he come to me, he come up to me and sez, "Babeh Girl! Why don't I see you down the playground no more? Tony and Johnny and Franky are all there, all mixin it up on the monkey bahs, and we look around and we say, What's up with Babeh Girl? She too good for us? She don't think we're like family no more? Fuhgeddaboutit."

So I sez to him, Mario, look at me. Do I look like someone who has time to be fiddlin around on some monkey bahs with a bunch of chumps like yous? Do you have any idea what kind of bologna I have to deal with, with my mudda, my fadduh all breathin' down my neck to eat some more meatballs? I'm pounding six bottles a day and all they give me is more hawtache. A load of poop, I tell ya. Somebody bettah gimme a break around here.