The myth about summer

Summer has been really, exceptionally good to us. The whole myth about it going so quickly? Not applicable to this summer, at least for me. I had a full four months of warm weather and facetime with my babies. It was glorious. Pardon my conceit here, too, but I SHREDDED my to-do list this summer.

And this is my blog so I get to brag about it thank God for all that.

MAH KIDS - Did some good crafting - Went to the Discovery Museum - took the Incline Railroad up to Point Park - took an impromptu trip to Stevenson, AL - went to Lake Winnie - picnicked along the Ocoee - went on a fantastic creek hike around Dayton, TN - showed them how to do a puppet show which, you think, yah gurl, amazing! Did you tie your own shoes everyday, too? But it was a really good puppet show. You shoulda seen it. Trust me. Epic cast and plotline.

MAH HUBBY - Went on several dates while we visited our parents. Best was watching "Sixteen Candles" outside in Ann Arbor. - Saw Sara Bareilles - Supported each other doing what we each like to do

MAH TRAVELS - Went to Savannah (x2) - Went to the Midwest - Went to the Christian Writer's Conference

MAH HOBBIES and STUFF - Revamped this here blog - Read 4 books (like, 4 more than I read the whole school year) - Revised my book manuscript and got it to a good place - Finished the proposal for said book, revised it 3 times (oy!) - Went to the gym on the reg

I should probably talk about my walk with the Lord here and rattle off all the things I learned and all the books of the Bible I read. It's a different approach, though. Less of a plow-through. More of a climb. A stumbling climb. Thankful for a God who gave me a vacation from work, when He never takes one from work.


Our creek hiking pals IMG_9109

Puppetry IMG_9113


Savannah, again IMG_9055

Tybee Island Untitled

Cedar Point Untitled

First FamiLee trip to Big Boy Untitled

Making a mess Cooking with Grandparents IMG_8882

Celebrating AunTee IMG_8978

Funtimes along the Ocoee IMG_8710