The only good thing to come out of this

Hi Loveys, Thank you for all of your kind thoughts and prayers over the past week. The grief was almost crippling at times, we loved my uncle so very much and are going to miss him so terribly, but the blessing of my close-knit family and the support from friends helped me to walk, helped me to hold up my head and smile for my Baby Girl, helped me to share memories and give comfort to my young cousins who will only have vague remembrances of our uncle and of his death. Your support truly does mean so much.

The presence of Baby Girl for all of the services was definitely a boon to all of our spirits, though. When Nana Red picked us up at the airport, she looked at Baby Girl and said, "You're the only good thing to come out of this." A visit from her granddaughter was indeed enough to comfort her this week, and I'm so grateful that God made it possible for us.

Not to dwell too much on my own experience in light of my cousin's and auntie's loss, but I truly saw the hand of God moving this past week. For example, we had to book a flight home within one day. We also needed a flight with a stopover because anything more than 2 hours on a plane brings out the baby beast in my daughter. Every flight we saw was over $800. Yet, there were only a few seats left on a USAirways flight for the perfect times on the perfect days with a stopover -- for $200. Amazing. Additionally, since "business has been kind of slow" for Loverpants, I was hesitant as I went to Tarjay the other day. Baby Girl needed a couple of outfits for the funeral, etc. since she had nothing that fit her and that was nice. I remembered that friends had given us a gift certificate but I didn't know the amount. Needless to say, I was blown away by their generosity as I stood at the cash register and saw our bill cut down to 25% of the total. I felt so cared for this past week, and have emerged with a heart that still grieves but gives thanks for all of the blessings, some hidden, some undeniably prominent. Thank you.


That little face. [One of] The only good thing[s] to come out of this.