The Wild Hog

The FamiLee has acquired a new set of wheels. We've always been a one-car family. May I speak to that from my soapbox for a mo? Because one of my favorite parts about my little family's life has been having one car. It has forced Loverpants and me to be good communicators, particularly about plans and arrivals and departures; since I am not a details person, this is excellent. Also, having to pretty much travel everywhere as a fambam is a blessing. You know what they say...Those who listen to "Little People: Merry Christmas" CD in July and get carsick together stay together! But now those of us with driver's licenses need to be hitherty thither and the public bus does not come to the tumbleweeds. The!

So Loverpants searched high and low for just the right chariot. After viewing the fair lady, Loverpants sent me a text. "I just fell off a scooter." Roughly 30 minutes passed and he sent me another text. "I bought a scooter."

So now we own a motorscooter. It's not a top shelf Vespa, but it gets the job done. It is so much fun! But it's serious fun, you know? You have to be exceedingly alert whilst driving the moto. The wind is whipping your elbows and you are reaching 40 mph and your mind is suddenly cogitating, My lands! My elbows are moving at 40 mph and they feel wind and I like my elbows! I need them! I'm scared for my elbows!!

The first couple of rides on the hobby horse, I was just a mess and I fell off and scraped the bike. But now, I'm not the worst at moto-ing my way around the tumbleweeds. Yip yip yaw.

I seriously hope this is not the last post that I type due to the fact that my elbows come unhinged the next time I drive that wild hog.

Hog wild