Theology 101

Mom, remember the Tabernacle? Oh no, Child. You think I am so elderly that I am from ye Bible times of old. Oh, no, I don't know much about it.

I know about it. I learned about it at school. We watched a video!

Oh. Who built the tabernacle?

Moses. Oh good. That was my first guess. Oh yeah? What did it look like?

Well, it didn't look like our churches. It was a tent. A tent with a box in the middle. That's where the Ten Commandments lived. On the roof of the box were golden angels. And also there was a place where Moses and his brother could wash their feet.

Moses had a brother? Was his name Aaron? Wait--isn't Aaron the name of Elvis Presley's twin who died? Oh! Wow. That is so wonderful that you remember so much about the tabernacle.


Have mercy.


tiny dancer