Thirteen for a Thursday

Let's see if I can scrawl thirteen coherent sentences that have Nothing to Do with Pregnancy. 1.) Our cable package does not include New England Sports Network. Ergo, I cannot watch le Red Sox.  I don't go to bars.  I'm too preg--shoot--I don't have the opportunity to go to games.  The deprivation is real.

2.) I had the best sandwich of my sammy-eating life today.  It was from here. It was called Farmer's Lunch.

3.) I used to own a lot more hats than I do now, but I wear my limited collection on the regular.

4.) Patio sets are on my mind.

5.) Smiling people toting yoga mats and looking cute in their lululemon pants cause me to feel irrationally annoyed.

6.) All the reviews said "Coco Before Chanel" was base and boring, but I disagree.  How could you go wrong with Audrey Tautou?

7.) I have recently been working on a project that has me squirreling away in my office and trolling through archives and it gives me so! much! pleasure!!

8.) I absolutely adore well-stocked mini-marts.  There is one near our house that my friend Lucia calls a "lotto spa" because it's like an oasis for scratch-ticket addicts.  That said, it has one of the most impressive candy counters, always has Diet Dr. Pepper in stock, a full selection of Slush Puppy flavors, and is clean and spacious.  Big fan.

9.)Why is gold trading all the rage?  For what purpose is all this gold being used?

10.) My brother left me a voicemail on Sunday and I have yet to call him back.  I have mad guilt about this.

11.) My daughter suddenly loves pretending that she is swimming in a swimming pool when she takes a tubby.  The funny thing is that she hasn't been swimming in a real swimming pool (not a wave or wading pool) since she was...six months-old?

12.) I never watch "Dr. Phil" but I borrow his trademark, "How's that workin' out for ya?"  I think it's funny and useful.

13.) This picture was taken a thousand years ago. In June 2008.

Eens and an -an