In the past year you have:- swum in Lake Lure - learned to bomb down a hill on a balance bike - understood what it means to lose an animal much beloved - become a full-time big boy potty user. - become a complete Rock City junkie - overcome some serious separation anxiety - made good pals at the gym - visited Savannah, GA - made an imprint as the younger sibling who knocks big sister's things down on the regular - continued to be our giggle-prone guy - sustained a train obsession although you could do without the loud noises - "starred" in your first musical. Nevermind that it was a church production. You loved it. - rocked the Winnie the Pooh costume for the 2nd Halloween in a row. - evolved into a big boy bed. Even though you always end up eventually in our bed.

Can we remedy that last one by the time of your next birthday? Whatcha say?

We love you, Tater Tot x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3!!

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