Top Ten

Dear Baby Girl, While you are blissfully slumbering in your not yet one-year-old cocoon, Daddy and I came up with a list of our most favoritest things that we have done with you in your first year of life. They are as follows, in no particular order: 10. Rocking you to sleep and/or the general act of your warm little bundled body falling asleep in our laps. 9. Taking you to the Murphy Pool almost every day of summer and watching you playfully interact/make lovey eyes at all of the lifeguards. 8. Holding you for the first time, 44 hours after Mama's water broke, 40ish minutes after they stitched her back up. 7. Coming home to you at any point wherein you leaped to greet us like an excited puppy. 6. Getting startled and then laughing that you had taught yourself to sit up by yourself in your crib. 5. The night we took you to Fenway Park for the first time. 4. Taking long walks with you in the neighborhood and just smiling because we were walking you. 3. Your pixie voice when you say, Daddy, Mom, Light, Ball, Doggie, Hi, Bottle, and Horsey. 2. Seeing you demonstrate your affection on all stuffed animals, similarly sized children after which you always say, Awwww. 1. Checking on you each night before we go to bed where you sleep peacefully; every day ends as the best day in life after we do this.

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