Trading Up

Aside from our friendliness and mass consumption of tater-tots, Lovey Loverpants and I like to think we mask our Mid-Western roots pretty well here in sophisticated New England. We root for the right sports teams. We patronize the right chains. We know where to pahk the cah, and that attempting to do such in Hahvid Yahd is just plain lunacy. But we are dead-ringer Mid-Westerners when it comes to being casual. We are such casual slacks. Our furniture is mostly IKEA. We visit the dry cleaner an average of twice a year. And on that note, we would prefer to spend the majority of our time wearing pajama pants.

I think in this respect that we let the fact that we are college sweethearts go way too far. Because Loverpants is a few months away from 30 and yet loves them flannelpants like a college student late for class. His frisbee friends know him as the crazy Asian dude that wears those snow dog PJ pants to tournaments. He wears them grocery shopping and never takes a plane ride in anything but the PJs. Oh how we love our jammy jams.

Which is why I'm so sad about retiring my snowmen pajama pants. I've worn them for some great dinner parties at our place. When my water broke last January, I went to the hospital wearing my frosty fleecewear, knowing that I'd be coming home with a new little snowbaby for the cuddling. I'm very sentimental about these boys.


But they were starting to get a bit mangy, so I logged on to Old Navy which now carries Small Petite -- the perfect fit! The new pants don't seem nearly as high quality as the old pair, but they will have to hold up at least for the next couple of years of hosting dinner parties, and dare I say the next time my water breaks (which you can be bet will not happen for a very, very long time).