Turning the Corner

The nights are becoming more like slow motion fire drills. I am awakened by noises, by alarms, by the need to pace the cold dark hallway and find the bathroom. My body is preparing itself for latenight cryings and feedings and it occurs to me that This Whole New Chapter is going to be much like living with an addict trying to get clean. There will be moans and wailings from the next bedroom and there will be little that I can do to soothe the new housemate's fury. But maybe sometimes I will have the magic touch, or the magic potion to stop the cries and I think that will make all of the lost sleep worth it. Because I will be needed and sometimes that need will be one only I can fill.

Lovey Loverpants and I went to brunch yesterday at our favorite bruncheria. The menu is so good; the savory stuff is super savory and all of the sweet stuff will give you the sugar shakes. I was a little miffy that they sat Preggo McBeggo at a booth (a booth! I can barely get out of my own car, and at least those seats roll back!) close to the front door where the mock vestibule created from a heavy curtain did little to diminish the wintry blows. But then I thought that I should just enjoy this time because in less than two months I will have to hassle the kind hostess for a highchair and pack my Desperately Apologetic face into the diaperbag to pull out when my kid starts to freak after it puts its pico de gallo-laden finger in its eye and WUH-HOOO, ALL POOP BREAKS LOOSE.

P.S. I really am so excited to be someone's mother.

P.P.S. Hope you've all been sleeping like good little hibernating bears and brunching, as you ought.