Just wanted to update you on Winter of Discontent 2008. I have made the decision with the support of my husband and Baby Girl's pediatrician to wean the little sucktopus onto formula until she is 12 months, at which point she can wear one of those helmets with the two long straws piping two big bottles of the bovine milk into her system. Or soymilk if she likes. Either way, it does a body good. So for the present, we're still doing a couple of boobfeedings a day and I do my best to distract her and offer her the sippy cup o' powdered nutrish even when she is pawing at my chest like a lion cub wanting to play tetherball. She is a good little girl, and very snugglicious and cute, so this is a bit of a hard thing to deny her. Still, I'm ready to go on my meds, I think it is the best thing for everyone, so I am doing my best to advance the process.

At this point, though, we're still conducting creative negotiations with the Sucktopus, whom we love very much.


Hey, you, come over here. Just because it's in a sippy cup doesn't mean it's poison.


Give it a try. Whaddayou say?


I'll give you a cupcake bath bomb if you drink 2 ounces....

cupcake bath bomb

Don't look at me like bribing is something you're all above now.


Well, now or later, kid. Either way, you're okay with us.