Update: Greetabl experience

This past fall, I gave Greetabl a go. You may have seen the post. Nobunny paid me to do it. I'm just a sucker for a good novelty item that:1.) can be gifted 2.) <$25 3.) that will not require me to scan the Target Dollar Spot for tiny giftable novelty items <$25 and end up fighting with cart munchkins for the last pair of Shopkins socks. Urrghgah!

I sent my friend Jeni a Just Because Greetabl because moving away from her has been hard on my heart and has left a wide gaping hole in my stomach where the muffins she used to deliver me used to be. After Jeni discovered that the Greetabl I sent her was in fact for her and not for her cousin who was re-routing her mail through Jeni's address (long story), she was quite delighted with her li'l bumblebee Greetabl with tea inside.

Since that maiden voyage, I've sent a Greetabl to my cousin Kore (it had Leslie Knope on it. Who wouldn't love it? Knopebody, that's who.) I also sent one to StepMom for Mother's Day and she loved it because of the personalized pictures of her with my kids. I even shared the love of the Greetabl with my friend Foxy who sent one to her new bosslady. Upon receiving of said Greetabl, Bosslady sent her this text that I found crazy charming:

greetabl Because I'm passionate about gifting and not committing an assault in Target in the act of gifting, and also about my friends being called beautiful humans for filling their bossladies' maws' with caramels, I think we should all send more Greetabls and here's 15% off to sweeten the deal!

P.S. Father's Day is upcoming and my old man will be most likely receiving one, too.