Vacation Rewind

I'm going to attempt to do here something I've never done before. This is going to be very edgy, people. I hear it may even be illegal in three states and some of the more wintry provinces of Canada. I'm going to tell you the story of our vacation. In rewind. From the end, to the beginning.

So where shall we end? Ah yes, let's end with the sun shining and the landlord girls mowing our lawn.

Wow, that was anti-climactic.

Then I found a bag of watermelon gummy sours. BAM! Cliffhanger!

Ha. Okay. So, when we left Tybee Island this morning, Loverpants asked our besties Eunis and Jeff (aka Euniseff) if we were all still friends. They laughed in a pained way, Oh, haha! Of course we're still friends...and then they made a quick beeline for their car and waved good-bye from behind the safety of their car windows, while Little Man threw a hissy on the rocky ground of the parking lot, possibly having a sugar crash from eating an ice cream sandwich for breakfast and Baby Girl nursed a wound from misjudging the distance between her head and my camera lens, begging us not to take her out to lunch by the riverside, because what could possibly be worse treatment than for a human than to be taken to a last hurrah lunch in posh Savannah?



Prior to that, we had THE BEST TIME at the beach. We suffered sunburn every single day but we still had THE BEST TIME at the beach.



Somewhere in the midst of all that beachcombing, we ate a lot of fruit and marshmallows and ice cream sandwiches. We had a lot of laughs about delinquent shuttles and Tiger Mom games.





Loverpants and I got to go to a wedding on Saturday night while Euniseff tended to our chipmunks. We paid them back by letting them go home after the vacation and giving them the choice to never answer our phonecalls again.



The wedding was remarkable, like floating around in one big love bubble. Congrazzles, Ash and Tuba!


When we arrived to Tybee Island, we found these quarters and decided that we would come back here every year. But only if we don't drive Euniseff away.












On our way to Tybee Island, I admonished Little Man to use the facilities. Baby Girl shared in the admonishment and told him, "Listen to your body, Little Man!" to which he replied, "It's not saying anything."

When we left home for vacation, we were so excited!!

The beginning.

P.S. Eunis and Jeff are the best people a FamiLee could ask to be vacation buddies with--we miss y'all already, Euniseff!