Valentine's Wreath in 10 Eeeeasy Steps!

Step 1: Accept fact that are slovenly mess of interior decorator. Accept also that it is now mid-February. Accept finally that it is time to take the Christmas wreath down. Though Brian Andreas would probz agree that the season of joy is unending. IMG_6337

Step 2: Take down Christmas wreath. Stare at blank canvas that is entire mantle.

Step 3: Find cardboard box full of brown paper packing material.


Step 4: Get scathingly brilliant idea.

Step 5: Look like are having most fun ever with 27 feet of brown paper packaging such that small children all think are playing game of tug o' war.

Step 6: Inform young rascals you are actually making something really awesome, just trust me, no seriously, you will love it.

Step 7: Paint cute wooden hearts.


Step 8: Cut up cereal box. Let daughter think she is painting important wreath accessories, too.

Step 9: Hang.


Step 10: Consider have just invented world's first shabby chic wreath from packing material, or just hung someone's leftover lunch bag above fireplace.