Vows, Whines, Sniffles, Smiles

Lately I am having trouble keeping my vows. Not the 'until death do us part' or the 'for richer or for poorer' ones. I am struggling to be faithful to the 'I will love you even when you're cranky and I'm overtired' ones, which I take as a subset of the 'In sickness and in health' principal queen mother vow. Yeah, I'm not really that into that vow right now. Much easier to just tend to your own crankiosity or overtiredness than actually have to pretend like you care extend the mercy to your beloved. But that is why we make vows. To remind us that marriage is still in session even when the feelings that moved us to marry are absent, even when the marriageable parts of ourselves are malfunctioning, even when we haven't slept in three straight days. ***

Been a rough week for the Loverpants family. Our car died on the NY freeway. She just sort of pooped out like an elephant that was all lifting her legs and trunk, doing the elephant walk with all the rest of the Dumbos, and then she just said, mid-circus ring, "Meh, I'm kinda tired of this, I'm just going to go crouch down over here." The hand of God was provident, and a friend was just behind us on that very highway headed back to Boston. So she picked up the babe and me. Loverpants had to stay in NY for 3 more days until our vehicle was all ship-shaped, and thanks go out especially to Saint Albert, Saint Heather, and Saint Carl for taking such good care of him during his unexpected furlough in Rochester.


Appreciate your kind words about my Nana. If she cannot take food on her own by end of week, I think the final days are imminent. I understand she is more lucid now that she is in the comforts of home, thouh, which is a small but not insignificant comfort to me.


I keep looking at these pictures of Baby Girl that Saint Albert took over the weekend.  They're like cotton candy even when you're stuck with the stadium seat with no overhang in the rain.