Wednesday Special

If you have been riding the Red Line on Wednesdays this year, chances are you sat next to a rude woman who clearly didn't mean to be. She was hauling Mary Poppins-ish luggage and taking up more than her rightful cubit of space on the T. But her socks didn't match. And she had large gray gullies under her eyes. And why did she have the biggest, stupidest smile on her face? If you were on the morning train, it's because she was dreaming of a little thing we'll call MANNA IN MELTED MILK CHOCOLATE FORM waiting for her at Burdick's in Harvard Square before heading in to her internship.

If you were on the evening train, it's because she was dreaming of a little thing we'll call BABY SMILE IN HEART MELTING FORM waiting for her on a little Chubby Dumpty when she got home.

madigator ***

My internship is over and it was one of the most positive experiences I have ever had - as indentured servanthoods go. I learned a great deal about trade journals and the beverage industry and also that if you drink a Guru energy drink at 2 p.m., you are still going to be swinging from the disco ball at 3:30a.m. wondering if maybe you should buy the special combo vacuum on the infomercial. And maybe one for your mom. I'd like to give a shout out to my homeys at Beverage Spectrum Magazine because they're all fantastic, like if Statler and Waldorf had a party up in their balcony with free non-alcoholic drinks for everyone.


Also, a shout-out to our babysitter Princess Diana who blessed our lives in ways that she will not begin to realize. As a new parent leaving the Chubby Dumpty with a stranger, and as an unpaid intern, I was extremely nervous we might not find someone who would accept the pittance we would pay them to tend to the life of our defenseless daughter. But Princess Diana answered our e-mail and our prayer and the TLC she has shown Baby Girl over the course of the last few months has been unmatched.

Baby Girl was so grateful, she repaid Diana with endless fits of rage, and frantic bouts of tears. Ergo, I am sad and glad the Wednesday Special is over.

princess diana