What I want to remember about Christmas 2013

- Seeing Frozen with the Stanwicks and my babies.- Taking many walks out in the legit MidWestern cold - Cousin Sean with hilarious running commentary about Settlers of Catan - Cousins Colleen, Kathleen and Maureen waxing humorous re: Buzzfeed - Mom running a beauty spa with Baby Girl - The old man "making it rain" per Connor - Goobs and the iPad book - Umma letting me sleep until obscene hours - Apa being persuaded that he would be able to sell his house for a million dollars if he adopted a digital thermometer - Joe keeping the kiddies entertained from the trunk - Winter hike even though my kiddies were wearing the worst whineypants

- Little Man's new "funny face." - Yoga at Inner Bliss; Tammy telling everyone, "I bet you are all thinking Santa's not going to bring you anything," and me feeling confident about the opposite.