What the bank teller noticed

The bank teller said he noticed how I didn't have a savings account. I said I noticed how he didn't have any manners.

Annnnd I kid.

But I'm glad he stopped there.


"I also noticed how you don't own your own house and are really at the age where you should. I know you don't have a firm command of two-digit multiplication or the discipline to follow through on any workout plan more than 3 days in a row, for the love of Jillian Michaels. I see you're without a strong comprehension of the Electoral College and do not own a single pair of hosiery that do not have ladders streaking up and down the sides. I see you don't even have a current passport. I noticed you don't have a lot of gumption when it comes to seeking the things you really want for yourself and you haven't rolled all the loose pennies in your pockets in ages. And what of greens in your diet--have any? Got Vitamin B? Got a living will? I noticed how you haven't captured a single Pokemon. I see you don't have any houseplants--no darling little succulents like all the pinners of Pinterest own--and I wonder if you can even really consider yourself alive...."


On and on he could have observed my shortcomings and inadequacies, forcing a long line to form in the queue of the drive-thru bank teller.

So goes the work of the Accuser. Pointing out all the places we fall short, don't measure up, will never be enough.

Unlike the bank teller, though, when I approach the One who knows my heart best of all, I see no account balance on my receipt. Only that my debt has already been paid.