What to do with all those leftover calendars

I have a heaping helping of paper lust and an equal helping of garbage guilt and therefore this craft is for me. I love paper. I hate waste. So when the end of the year comes and I have to recycle ye olde calendar of yore, I feel a little bit tentative. These beautiful calendars that some photographer/artist labored over, probably losing sleep as to which pug puppy was going to be Miss September or was the poodle looking more October? They are so beautiful. A multi-page masterpiece even. I visited a cute local boutique that is probably as dedicated to paper lust as am I, and lookit! Look what they did to absolve their garbage guilt! Is this garland made entirely of upcycled Lilly Pulitzer calendars not lovely and clever? I am absolutely going to copy this idea. Too bad I have to wait four-ish more months to do so. Haha. And I kid....

garland recycled calendar












I got all of a twitter about this garland that I started snapping pictures from every angle, and the lady clerks who were attending to the temple of paper were totes cool about it, mercifully so.





Which is why I'm going to give them a shout out. Southern Niceties, a darling cottage boutique in the Riverview 'hood of Chattanooga, did not in any way subsidize this blog post, but everyone should visit this shop owned by Victoria Adams Bordelon and ogle her pretty wares and probably buy something like the macaron and hot air balloon papers I scored. Hot diggety!




Be well today, darlings. And you should probably send a handwritten letter to your grandmother. You know, just because.